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W Wound A wound is barrier loss between the body and the environment, caused by the destruction of tissue on outer or inner body surfaces. Wound exudate Wound exsudate denotes all fluids that are...  
N Necrosis Necrosis is a dead, previously vital tissue.  
A Acute wounds Any wound that is not chronic is called acute.  
C Chronic wounds A wound that has not healed after eight weeks is called chronic. Regardless of this time-oriented definition, there are wounds that are chronic from the outset. Your treatment...  
G Gangrene Gangren are called dead body parts. Therefore in the description of dead tissue in wounds we speak of necrosis and not of gangrene.  
U Ulcus As an ulcer / ulcer is designated a deep wound that reaches at least to the dermis.  
E Erosion As an erosion / abrasion is referred to a superficial wound that affects exclusively the epidermis.  
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Specialized articles and informations Here you will find compilations of information on different topics. Subareas are: Definitions (Explanatory notes on expert terms defined by expert consensus)...  
List definitions A C E G N U W Definitions for the wound treatment The definitions given here result from a consensus of experts from the Initiative Chronische Wunde. Confirmed...  
[ New Successful Therapy for Venous Ulcus Cruris Using the Segmental Adaptive Compression Sleeve ] Hechmat-Dehkordi, A.; Möhler, T.; Kleis-Fischer, B.; Grabbe, S.; Schop, R. Online-Publikation:...  
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