Train the Trainer

ICW/TÜV Seminar for International Partners


As an expert association for chronic wounds, the Initiative Chronic Wounds ICW e.V. has been nationally and internationally active for many years. In addition to ICW's other international areas the Woundexpert seminars of the ICW/TÜV personnel certification are on growing interest.

Since 2010 international seminars Woundexpert ICW® have been held. Up to now the seminars take place in China, India, Lebanon, Austria and is scheduled to start in Turkey. The Woundexpert ICW® is also endorsed by the EWMA (European Wound Management Association).

For seminar providers in Germany, annual meetings and management seminars have been standard since several years. Participation in the management seminar is obligatory for seminar leaders.


In order to enable the already established and future international cooperation partners to implement the seminars, preparatory training is planned as "Train the Trainer seminars".

With this Train the Trainer-Seminar the future seminar leaders will gain insights into the ICW, the certification with TÜV, the seminar concept Woundexpert ICW® and the wound care in Germany.

Target group

Technical and pedagogic seminar leaders and lectures of ICW/TÜV international partners.

The communication will take place in English, therefore sufficient English skills are required for the participants.


The Train the Trainer Seminar is divided into the following topics:

1. Introduction to seminars / basic information

·       Background information on the ICW and its objectives

·       Basic information about the personnel certification with the TÜV

2. Management seminar

·       Knowledge of the progress of an application for recognition

·       Support for seminar planning in your own country

3. Woundexpert ICW® in shortened version

·       In this part the main topics will be presented and taught.

·       Instead of 56 units, 24 units of the curriculum will be developed.

4. Clinical practice

·       Insights into the clinical practise of wound care and treatment in prestigious centres in Germany, which work based on guidelines.

·       The clinical practice takes place in small groups.

Event venue/Overnight -Stay

·       The Train the Trainer Seminar will be held in October/November 2018 (18.10.-03.11.18).

·       Hamburg, Hotel New Living Home (theoretical training).

·       Defendant wound clinics in or near by Hamburg for the practical part.

·       There is a contingent of rooms reserved for the seminar participants by ICW.

Costs and achievements

Cost will be 2.300,- Euro per participant inclusive seminar-documents and catering during the seminar. Exclusive social program and hotel overnight stay.


All the lectures are accomplished in the goals of ICW and the curriculum of the Woundexpert seminar as in practise of wound treatment.

Timetable and co further information can be obtained from the certification authority:

Recognition and Certification ICW / PersCert TÜV
Saalenstraße 10
35110 Frankenau

Phone 0049 (0) 06455 7598542
Fax 0049(0) 6455 7593967

Mail zert.leitung(at)