Regional Groups

Our working groups in Germany

Objectives and fields of activity

  • Promotion and development of concepts that improve the prevention and care of people with chronic wounds.
  • Measures to improve co-operation between family members, affected persons and therapeutic team.
  • Training on topics related to the prevention and care of chronic wounds.
  • Recording of supply problems in the respective region.
  • Solutions.
  • Development of standards.
  • Exchange of experience / case discussion.
  • Presentation of ICW activities.

Coordination / Moderation / Report Management

  • Coordination:                    Anke Bültemann
  • Moderation:                      First event ICW-team
  • Moderation:                      Follow-up organizer team
  • Report Management:       organizer team


Every 3 months for 2-2.5 hours.
At the end of each session, the date for the next meeting is set.


Dates are set for a whole year.