Train the Trainer

ICW/TÜV seminars for international partners


As a professional medical science organisation for chronic wounds, the Initiative Chronic Wounds ICW e.V. has been nationally and internationally active for many years. In addition to other international activities the ICW's Woundexpert seminars are becoming more and more popular.

Since 2010 the international seminars Woundexpert ICW have been held. So far, the seminars are taking place in Austria, China, Iran, Lebanon, Singapore, Taiwan and Turkey. The Woundexpert ICW is also endorsed by the EWMA (European Wound Management Association).

Annual meetings and management seminars are a standard for seminar providers in Germany. Participation in management seminars is mandatory for the educational and the professional management (chairpersons) of seminar providers.


In order to enable the already established and future international cooperation partners to conduct the seminars, a basic qualifying training as "train-the-trainer seminars" will be offered as a web seminar for the first time in 2021.

The future seminar chairpersons will get an introduction to the ICW, the joint certification body, the certification by the “TÜV” and the seminar concept Woundexpert ICW.

Target group

Chairpersons and lecturers of ICW/TÜV international seminar providers.

Preliminary overview of the planned contents

Information on the ICW and its goals

Introduction of the Association TÜV

What does certification mean?

Overview on the ICW seminar concepts

Basics of ICW seminars

Recognition and certification

Curriculum Woundexpert ICW

Conducting seminars

Documents, rules, requirements, methods

Roles and responsibilities of the seminar chairpersons and lecturers




120 € plus VAT for each participant. There is a need for a stable, high-performance internet connection, a camera function and a loudspeaker including microphone or headset. Every participant need to be visible with a camera. Only one subscriber per device used can be registered.

As soon as possible we will publish more detailed information and activate the registration.